Frequently asked questions


„In what languages do you offer your services ?“

I offer services in Slovak and English. I develop translations from Slovak to English, as well as from English to Slovak.


„Do you also offer services in the area of legal translations ?“

I’m sorry, I currently do not hold the required purview of legal qualification to pursue this type of translation services.


„Do you translate specialist texts and materials ?“

I also translate specialist and factual texts and articles, with the exception of highly specialised ones that would require more detailed consulting and close cooperation with experts from a particular field.


„Do you offer proofreading ?“

Yes, I also offer proofreading of articles and other texts.


„Do you provide services for legal persons ?“

With the currently in effect exception of legal translations, I provide translations to legal persons as well, e.g. individual businessmen, smaller companies, but also municipalities. In this particular context, I mainly translate publicity material for said legal persons, including monographs and publicity material for municipalities. For natural persons, I provide services virtually without limitation, including translations and proofreading for students.


„Do you provide official invoicing for every translation ?“

Yes, for every translation ordered from me, the customer receives an officially filled out invoice.


„How do I order a translation ?“

First option: Fill in the order form on this website. Before sending, carefully check whether the filled-in spaces of the order form contain all the information you want to offer concerning that particular translation. Fill in the verification code under the order form and confirm. Your order will be automatically sent to my e-mail box for orders.


Second option: Send your order from the e-mail of your choice to one of my e-mail adresses (see Contact). If you have the text that you wish to translate ready in electronic form, simply include it as an attachment in your e-mail. If you only wish to contact me via e-mail and discuss the details of your order first, you don’t have to attach the text for translation right away; it’s enough if you send it after a mutual agreement is reached.


„What are the time limitations concerning the ordering of a translation and the wait for a finished translation ?“

Please send the materials intended for translation at least 2 days before the deadline you’ll need them for. Depending on the lenghth and importance of the materials, it’s best if you send them at least several days or a week in advance.


„In what form do you accept the materials for translation ?“

Send the materials in electronic form.


Always send the materials as a separate file in an e-mail attachment, do not copy the materials into an e-mail’s main text field. Recommended text formats are .doc, .docx or .rtf of Microsoft Word, or the .pdf format. If there’s no better format available, you can also use a photocopy of the materials saved as an image file, as long as the image file is saved in the .jpg or .png format.


„For what extents of text do you charge the final price of the translation ?“

A customer is charged for every standard page of text written in standard letter size 11 or 12.


„How much is one standard page in terms of lenghth or size ?“

One standard page is equivalent to either:

  • 1800 characters of the target document, including spaces
  • 250 words
  • 20 lines (with 12 words per line)
  • 6 Kb file size


„Is it necessary to include additional information in the order as well ?“

In addition to the materials for translation as attachments, please include your requests in the main body of the e-mail, or in the main box of the order form. This additional information should mainly pertain to the deadline for the translation. I’ll also welcome supplementary notes on your needs for the specific translation, if you consider including them as necessary or helpful for specifying your requirements.


„In what form will the finished translation be sent to me ?“

The completed translation is always sent to customers in electronic form, most commonly in MS Word .doc format. The files containing the translation are saved in Word format with consideration for their compatibility with older versions of the software. If you’d come across problems with the compatibility of the file with your installed version of MS Word, contact me as soon as possible and notify me of the issue.

You can also request saving the file with the finished translation in .pdf format, or in other Microsoft Office formats (Excel, PowerPoint). If you’re interested in receiving the finished translation in a format other than an MS Word document, please don’t forget to include the given request in the content of your order.


„Will you also stay in touch with me during translating ?“

Of course, if it’s needed. I’d also like to encourage customers to not be afraid of discussing the translation they’ve ordered, in case they’d want to additionally supplement it with content, clarify certain things about the material, etc. Communication between the translator and the customer can be very useful for settling possible ambiguities and discrepancies during the translation process. I appreciate mutual communication with a customer.


„Are there any special requirements for ordering a translation ?“

Texts that will not be accepted include those whose translation and probable subsequent dissemination would be in contradiction with the constitution and laws of the Slovak Republic or international agreements adopted by the Slovak Republic.


„What if I have additional questions ?“

Feel free to use the e-mail adresses in the Contact section in case you would like to ask any other questions concerning my services. I’ll gladly help with clearing up any possible ambiguities.